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Cable Protection

Enhance Your Work Site With Cable Protection

Extension cables are an essential part of power distribution throughout work sites; therefore necessary protection needs to be in place to increase safety and product longevity. Power Safe Products is Australia’s one stop shop for power distribution equipment and accessories.


When large amounts of power are necessary, it helps to have proper protection in place and at Powersafe Products, safety is paramount. With cables and leads running around a work site, it is necessary to keep them safe and run them efficiently through the job area. Depending on the industry requirements and the nature of each site, numerous cable protection products may be required. Heavy duty cable ramps assist cables to safely run to their destination, while cable covers protect the cables on the ground against dampness, wet environments, sharp objects, pedestrians and vehicles.  Whereas lead stands elevate the leads above the ground and away from traffic.


In many cases, industries like construction and mining need a lot of power distributed at their work sites. There are many choices when it comes to power. Single phase power is common and requires only two conductors (a go and a return). While common, it cannot match 3 phase power. A 3 phase supply can transmit three times the power that a single phase system can and this is done with just one more conductor. The result is a 200 percent increase in the amount of power that can be transmitted. Powersafe Products supplies a customers from a variety of industries with 3 phase power systems where substantial power is required.


Providing industrial quality, power distribution equipment and accessories throughout Australia since 2008. Powersafe Products understand industry requirements and customer needs, evident in the manufacture of products exceeding in safety and endurance.


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