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Risk Assessment

A range of Power Safety Plant available in Australia has been inspected primarily for Work Place Safety.

A Risk Assessment of Portable Power Distribution Boards using AS 4801 as a guidance tool is supplied as a comprehensive supplementary document referencing Australian Standards and the harmonised Work Health and Safety Laws as provided under the WH&S Act 2011; it’s Regulations and Codes of Practice.

‘THE POWERSAFE PRODUCTS SUPPLIED CLEARLY MEET THE HIGHEST STANDARDS. As a Business Manager or a General Site Manager you have a ‘Duty’ as the P.C.B.U. to protect your business and the safety of Workers –be they Employees or Contractors engaged at your sites.

Key Factors:

  • Fitting of Emergency Stop: Emergency stop buttons as Standard on Powersafe units whereas some competitor’s boards can actually be locked ON! Very Unsafe!
  • Fitting of Rotary ON/OFF switches on 415 V outlets: Other brands have no ON/OFF switches so disconnection by unplugging will cause serious ‘Flash Arc; which is NOT Intrinsic safety in sites with explosive atmospheres.
  • Generous sized opening latches on Powersafe boards allow for normal operation by Site Operations without having to remove gloves
  • Under-voltage Protection (Brown-Outs) as standard on Powersafe boards to prevent damage to equipment (potentially thousands of dollars) while other brands rely on good luck.
  • Powersafe use ‘Clear Window’ technology for easier & safer viewing whereas competitors’ units use smoked cover which are a hazard in Low Light.
  • Bright LED lights on the Powersafe Large Industrial Range is ‘Quick and Easy’ way to determine (Visually) if the board is ‘Live’ and all 3 phases are connected. Competitors boards observed do not have any identification to show if the board is energized.

‘I know that my Clients who are using the Power Safe range will be providing their workers with the best level of electrical protection to ensure that they return home safely each day.’  Ross Broadfoot,

HRB Consulting – ‘Doing Safety at your Worksite’

HRB Consulting

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