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Unique Powersafe Features

The Large Industrial Range of power boards come standard with the following features

  • EMERGENCY STOP FUNCTIONThe Large Industrial Range of power boards come standard with an emergency stop function allowing the immediate isolation of the power supply. This is required for anyone using machinery under AS4024.1604
  • LOW VOLTAGE SHUNT – The low voltage shut protects the entire board and connected equipment in the event that the power supply loses voltage blow a predetermined level.
  • MAIN ISOLATOR SWITCH – The main isolator switch allows the board to be turned on and off while under load. It also provides a point the entire board and be locked out with a padlock.
  • BREATHER DRAIN – An IP66 breather drain allows 2 way airflow and 1 way moisture flow out of the board removing condensation from within the board.
  • PHASE INDICAOR LIGHTS – The phase indicator lights illuminate once power is connected and show power on each phase, thus allowing quick identification if a phase drops out from the power supply.
  • STACKABLE DESIGN – The entire Large Industrial Range including the poly board stand are stackable, a popular feature when in storage and transport with some models stacking up to 27 per pallet.
  • PADLOCKABLE WINDOW – All windows are designed by Powersafe and feature a lockable tab which will take up to an 8mm padlock